Municipal Office Information:
Address: 1850 Ridge Road, Ontario, NY 14519
Telephone: (315) 524-7105
Fax: (315) 524-4903

Stormwater Management Officer:
Marilee Stollery
Highway Superintendent
Ph: (315) 524-8111

Building Department:
Brian Smith
Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer
Ph: (315) 524-7170 ext. 300

Frank Robusto
Ph: (315) 524-7105 ext. 100

County:  Wayne
Population: (2000) – 9,778
Area: 32.3 Square Miles

Located on the northwest corner of Wayne County, the Town of Ontario is bordered on the north by Lake Ontario and was settled in 1806. The town was formed from Williamson in 1807 as Freetown and re-named Ontario in 1808. The Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburg Railroad arrived in 1873. Iron ore was discovered in 1811 and the Ontario iron industry became the county’s largest employer until it suffered a collapse in 1887 because of competition from Minnesota. The Robert E. Ginna Nuclear Power Plan is located in the town, as are local industries that manufacture optics, electronics, plastics, and metal products. Agriculture is an important industry, especially apples. Suburbanization began after World War II, which caused population to grow 197% between 1950 and 2000.

Stormwater Management Activities: 

  • Town of Ontario’s Watershed Council has a website detailing their MS4 activities:
  • Town Board is aware of the MS4 program and receives regular reports on the activities of the Ontario-Wayne Stormwater Coalition.
  • Town of Ontario has mapped a majority of its storm drain outfalls.
  • Site plans are regularly reviewed in accordance with Stormwater Phase II requirements.
  • At preconstruction meetings, contractors are provided with a copy of the “New York Contractors Erosion and Sediment Control Field Notebook.”